We start putting the lights out on weekends in late October and have everything plugged in and ready to go by the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Our display consists of over 18,000 lights, including over a thousand that we can control the color of the individual bulb.  The lights are separated into over a hundred different channels which are controlled via a computer.   We use Light-O-Rama's hardware and software to program and control the lights.

Each channel is manually programmed to be synchronized to the music.  The more channels there are, the longer it takes to sequence a song.  On average, it takes us about eight to ten hours to sequence each minute of a show.

It takes a lot of time, but we believe it's worth it.  We enjoy sharing the Christmas spirit through our lights and music with friends, family and anyone that stops by.  It's our way of saying "Merry Christmas."  So come on by and bring the family.  Start a new tradition....share the magic.